Saturday, July 28, 2007

Carrie and Moss are here!

Well...I need to improve on my blog postings (so says Chrystel hahaha). I do need to hop on here more often, thats for sure. This weekend, Carrie & Moss are in town for a visit with Logan and it's great to see them. I am at the office right now trying to type a paper for school (last one of the semester!) but...I got weak, and decided to do this instead.
Taylor is growing like a little weed, I'm pretty sure she likes her mother she is a warm cuddly food source and I am an awkward bumbling man with no milk...i.e. I'm useless, butr someday she'll realize that I am much cooler.

I hope everyone is doing well


1 comment:

Shannon De Leon said...

Taylor is the cuteness.

I love the smushy picture.